Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Intro si Minah Kilang

This is the first post of 2016...Just stop writing for a while diesbbkn kemalasan yg melanda..i must start writing from now cuz i just have a month before continue my study in medical course this September..so this is one of the step xnak otak berkarat...Alhamdulillah i had finished my foundation last March..n i had almost 6 months holiday..of cuz la xnak buang mase n tanam anggur kt umah je..so i've decided to work as an operator kt kilang..heheh...so..in sha ALLAH i just want to share my experienes spnjg kerja kat kilang..pahit..manis..duka...kena marah..kena puji..kena ngorat dgn nepal la myanmar la...n so many things yg x terluah dgn kata2..hanya disimpn dlm hati..so today is just the muqaddimah je la....


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